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_MG_2310RESEARCHRUN™ is a Social and Sport Event for professionnals and compagnies involved in industrial research; it is a perfect occasion for Networking and Team Building.

The principle of the race is simple: a lap of 3 km, run 3 times, 2 times or 1 time by each of the 3 team partners. The competition is accessible to all levels:  the better runners can test themselves with 9 km; the beginners will take the 3 or 6 km . And it is a teamrace: the 3 partners have to stay gathered during the second and third lap;  they cross the finish line together.  Solidarity and understanding in the team are fundamental.

RESEARCHRUN™ is more than just a jogging: after the race and the showers, all the participants meet for the  Drink.. The firts teams are granted with awards in each category. A Walking Dinner follows the ceremony.  This is the time to tighten the bonds with your colleagues and partners and to extend your network.

Last but not least, RESEARCHRUN™ supports the  KanActief Assciation, that helps cancer patients to revalidate by adapted physical exercices.

The 7th edition of the RESEARCHRUN™ will take place on Thursday the 13th of  september 2018 in the Haasrode Research Park (Heverlee, Leuven) on the UCLL Campus.